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Functional Thin Films


08:30 | Registration opens in the atrium

08:55  | Welcome & Opening remarks
Dr Mark Baker, University of Surrey

Session 1:

09:00 | Memristor functionalities of multiferroic tunnel junctions
Prof. Marin Alexe, University of Warwick

09:30 | Enhancing Thermochromic Thin Film Materials Through the Application of Multi-layered Structures
Michael Powell, UCL

10:00 | Atomic layer deposition of gate dielectrics for allium nitride based power electronics
Prof Paul Chalker, University of Liverpool

10:30 | Refreshment Break

Session 2:

Chair: Dr Hayley Brown, Plasma Quest Ltd

10:50 | Emerging CVD technology for functional chalcogenide materials
Dr Kevin Huang, University of Southampton

11:20 | Acoustic Resonator Gravimetric Sensors based on Thin Film Materials
Prof Andrew Flewitt, University of Cambridge

11:50 | Lunch Break

12:50 | POSTER SESSION in the exhibition hall.
A poster prize will be awarded at 13.30 for the best poster.

Session 3:

Chair: Dr Alf Smith, CPI

13:50 | Sustainable Manufacturing of Functional Materials
Prof Claire Carmalt, UCL

14:20 | Modifying surfaces with cold atmospheric pressure plasmas
Dr Erik Wagenaars, University of York

14:50 | Refreshment Break

15:00 | Nano-engineering III-nitride semiconductors for light emitting diodes
Dr Philip Shields, University of Bath

15:30 | Roll to roll vacuum coating onto fibres, fabrics, non-wovens or foams for medical or smart clothing
Dr Charles Bishop, C.A. Bishop Consulting Ltd

16:00 | Closing Remarks

The Vacuum Expo exhibition remains open until 16:00

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