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VS7 - October 2016

Alexe, Marin     | Memristor functionalities of multiferroic tunnel junctions
Bishop, Charles | Roll to roll vacuum coating onto fibres, fabrics, non-wovens or foams for medical or smart clothing
Carmalt, Claire  | Sustainable Manufacturing of Functional Materials
Chalker, Paul     | Atomic layer deposition of gate dielectrics for allium nitride based power electronics
Flewitt, Andrew | Acoustic Resonator Gravimetric Sensors based on Thin Film Materials
Huang, Kevin     |    Emerging CVD technology for functional chalcogenide materials
Powell, Michael | Enhancing Thermochromic Thin Film Materials Through the Application of Multi-layered Structures
Shields, Philip    | Nano-engineering III-nitride semiconductors for light emitting diodes
Wagenaars, Erik | Modifying surfaces with cold atmospheric pressure plasmas

Apparao, Tamirisa | How a cyropump works
Dremel, Matthias  | ITER cryogenic pumping system for the Torus vacuum vessel
Garcia, Tony          | Cyropumping in the Semiconductor Industry

Balachandran, Wamadeva | Non‐thermal plasma for pollution control
Cross, Adrian        | Gyrotron Backward Wave Oscillators using a helical waveguide for materials processing
Lisco, Fabiana      | Surface Activation of Rigid and Flexible Substrates for Thin Film Photovoltaics using Atmospheric Pressure Plasma
Loch, Daniel        | Inductively Coupled Impulse Sputtering
Manivannan, Nadarajah | Experimental results of the NOx abatement form the exhaust of a diesel engine with non‐thermal plasma and Ag/Al2O3 catalyst
Shaw, Alex           | EHD‐driven mass transport enhancement in surface dielectric barrier
Shu, Guoxiang      | A 0.2 THz extended interaction oscillator driven by a pseudospark sourced sheet electron beam
Smith, Jonathan    | Computational methods for ion source design
Tizaoui, Chedly     | Advanced Oxidation Processes for efficient water treatment
Tu, Xin                  | Plasma‐catalysis: a promising solution for gas clean‐up and fuel/chemical synthesis
Wright, Alexander | Optimisation of the mass transfer of gaseous phase plasma effluent to liquid phase and its applications
Yin, Huabi             | Experimental investigation of electron beam generation from a pseudospark structure

VS6 - October 2015

Chapman, Ian T.  | Opportunities for UK universities to be involved with the MAST-U experiment
Cross, Adrian W.  | Pseudospark sourced beam-wave interaction experiments
Diver, Declan A.  | Progress in the charging of aerosols laced with bacteria
Li, Heqing           | Circular Ion Sources for Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Applications
Loch, Daniel A.L. | Plasma Analysis of Inductively Coupled Impulse Sputtering (ICIS) by Investigation of Cu, Ti and Ni Species
May, Paul W.       | Recent Progress in Diamond-based Microplasma Devices
Shaw, Alex          | Characterisation of an Atmospheric-Pressure Air DBD Discharge and Protocol for Comparing the Biocidal Properties of Plasma Devices
Shaw, David       | Surface modification of polymer films using atmospheric-pressure plasma jet
Smith, Jonathan | Modelling capacitively coupled plasmas and RF plasma sheaths with the VSim Plasma discharge module
Sykes, Alan         | Opportunities and challenges on the quest for compact fusion

VS5 - October 2014

Surface Modification and Analysis

Bull, Steve           | Structure-property relationships in submicron thin films
Chalker, Paul       | Atomic Layer Deposition: a process technology for functional ultra-thin films
Minelli, Caterina | A study of nanoparticle biomolecular coatings by XPS and particle sizing techniques
Ebert, Philipp      | Interpretation of scanning tunnelling spectroscopy of semiconductor nanostructures
Grill, Leonard      | Every atom counts: Manipulation of single functional molecules on surfaces
Jeynes C. et al      | Lost image recovery for stained glass panels from the Rosslyn Chapel
Smith, Roger        | A layman’s view of ion-surface modelling
Valizadeh, Reza   | Production of superconducting coatings
Weymouth, Alfred J.  | Atomic force microscopy at the picometer length scale

Functional Thin Films

Alexe, Marin       | Abnormal photovoltaic effects in ferroelectric materials and multiferroic tunnel junctions
Barrioz, Vincent  | In-line metal organic chemical vapour deposition process for solar cell production
Binions, Russell   | Advances in thermochromic Vanadium Dioxide Thin Films
Fu, Richard          | Smart thin films for micro actuation, microfluidics and lab-on-chip applications
Gerdes, Holger     | Advanced functional coatings using HIPIMS
McGettick, James  | Solution processed Perovskite solar cells via scable methods
Nozar, Petr           | Ionized Jet Deposition – a new class of thin film deposition equipment
Shaw-Stewart, James | Laser printing of organic light-emitting diode pixels by LIFT
Treharne, Robert | Rapid optimisation techniques for thin-film materials and devices
Wills, Rob            | New Agilent Cary 7000 Universal Measurement Spectrophotometer for Analysis of Thin Film Coatings

Technological Plasma Worshop

Simmons, J | Impedance Matching Considerations in System Development

Smith, J       | CCP Plasma benchmarks, RF sheaths, and development of new algorithms for studies of ion sources: Recent developments at Tech-X

VS4 - October 2013


Batey, Jonathan  | Quadrupole mass spectrometry in vacuum technology
Grant, Rob           | Generation of moisture standards for calibration of RGA’s
Jousten, Karl        | Recent steps towards traceability for partial pressure and outgassing measurements
Pendleton, Mark | Comparative RGA measurements in the range from 10-10 to 10-5 mbar
Šetina, Janez       | First results of investigations of metrological characteristics of QMS within EMRP IND12 project
Seymour, Dave    | Outgassing and desorption measurements using RGA’s
Shiers, Hugo        | RGAs operating on the Diamond Light Source

Leak Detection

Gaurand, Isabelle    | From the Earth to the Stars
Jousten, Karl           | Vacuum metrology for Science and Industry
Limpenny, Robert   | Design for Leak Testing
Miller, Andrew        | Experience with leaks and leak testing on the Diamond Light Source vacuum systems
Pilkington, Richard | Introduction to Leak Detection
Rogers, Graham       | Helium Leak Testing Techniques for Industry

VS3 - October 2012

Vacuum and Plasmas for Industry

Evans, Delwyn      | Low pressure processing in high pressure businesses
Macgearailt, Niall | Plasma Process Control in the Semiconductor Industry
Matthews, Allan   | Reducing Wear using plasma based surface Engineering Processes
O’Donnell, Denis  | Plasma-based Processes for Volume Manufacture of Magnetic Recording Heads
Oldfield, John       | Large Area Coating for Glazing
Tu, Xin                 | Plasma-catalysis for greenhouse gas conversion into fuels and carbon nanomaterials
Ward, Kevin          | The importance of vacuum and the control of pressure in freeze-drying
Yosifov, D.            | ARIEL’s E-linac and beam transport line vacuum systems

VS1 - February 2010

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