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Thin Film and Coating Technologies for Science & Industry


09:00 | Registration opens in the atrium

09:25  | Welcome & Opening remarks
Dr Mark Baker, University of Surrey

Session 1: CHAIR: Dr Mark Baker

09:30 | Tribological coatings: different applications demand specific solutions
Professor Robert Wood, University of Southampton, UK

10:00 | Lightweight, high efficiency, PV solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
Dr Andrew Johnson, IQE plc, Cardiff, UK

10:30 | Reactive Deposition – Enabling Enhanced Thin Film Performance
David Sanchez, Materion Corporation, Martinez, USA

11:00 | Refreshment Break

11:15 | Direct monitoring of vacuum residual gases at process pressures up to 1mbar
Dr Joe Brindley, Gencoa Ltd, Liverpool, UK

11:45 | Advancements in the manufacture of roll-to-roll smart and innovative devices by addressing production scalability and technology challenges
Dr Nessima Kaabeche, Emerson & Renwick Ltd, Accrington, UK

12:15 | Lunch Break

Session 2: CHAIR: Dr Alf Smith

13:30 | Growth of epitaxial oxide thin films on graphene towards fabrication of graphene only devices
Dr Peter K Petrov, Imperial College London, UK

14:00 | Synergy between CVD and ALD for permeation barrier applications
Dr Adrianus Indrat Aria, Cranfield University, UK

14:30 | Refreshment Break

14:45 | CVD amorphous diamond coatings for extreme performance applications
Chris Walker, Diamond Hard Surfaces, Towcester, UK

15:15 | Plasma enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition of silicon nanostructures and their applications in electronic and energy related Devices
Dr Shashi Paul, De Montford University, Leicester, UK

15:45 | Concluding comments

15:50 | Close of meeting and POSTER SESSION in the exhibition hall.  A poster prize will be awarded at 16.30 for the best poster.

The Vacuum Expo exhibition remains open until 5pm

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