2nd Vacuum Symposium UK

18/19 October 2011, Ricoh Arena, Coventry

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Tuesday 18 October      RGA10 

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Wednesday 19 October

Advances in Vacuum Pump Technology


Chairman       Joe Herbert (Vacuum Science Group Leader, ASTeC, STFC)

09:30   Welcome & Opening Comments
             (Joe Herbert – Vacuum Science Group Leader, ASTeC, STFC)

09:40   Introduction to Vacuum Pumps and their Applications, future changes in application and development trends
            (Graham Rogers, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum)

10:20   Essential Aspects of Oil-sealed Pumps 
             (David Hucknall, Vac Tech Ltd)

10:50   Coffee Break / Exhibition

 Chairman       Sunil Patel (ISIS Vacuum Group, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)

11:30   Dry Pump Technology Today 
(Gordon Livesey - Lynthorpe Consultancy)

12:00   Turbomolecular Pumps 
(Andy Pearce – Oxford Vacuum Science)

12:30   LUNCH / Exhibition

Chairman        Steve Shannon (SS Scientific Ltd)

14:20   Molecular Drag Pumps including the new TwisTorr technology
(Mauro Audi  – Agilent)

15:00   UHV and Below – Routine or Challenge? 
(Ron Reid – Consultant)

15:30   Non Evaporable Getter Pumps (Cartridge and Film)
(Oleg Malyshev  – ASTeC Vacuum Science Group)

16:00  Meeting & Exhibition Close